Criminal Law.
As Canberra’s leading criminal lawyers,
we’re confident yet nothing but
professional. We maintain our judgment,
fighting skillfully for the rights of our
clients in every form of prosecution.

Aulich Criminal Law

Confidence is born of competence.

Our criminal lawyers are expertly trained. A legal battle begins long before it is fought in the courtroom. The quality that distinguishes the best defender is a sharp mind, totally familiar with the relevant law, and court craft to back it up.

Our level of commitment – and constant exposure to judges and magistrates – instils confidence in our clients when it matters most.

Principal Ben Aulich has established himself as one of Canberra’s leading criminal lawyers. He launched Aulich with an impeccable background of skill – developed from practising exclusively in criminal law for many of his early years of practice.

Ben has handled so many criminal cases, ranging from murder, to drug conspiracy, to drink driving and traffic matters.

Now with a combined 30 years’ experience across its criminal team, Aulich provide considered but direct and easily understood advice, protecting clients against the perils of facing prosecution, and environment in which they are absolute strangers. We never lose sight of the fact that criminal law can seem like a foreign country for our clients.

Confrontation by the law is a daunting prospect.

All lawyers know that, and the best of them are offended by attempts to exploit clients who are in extremis, and out of their depth. The process doesn’t come cheap, but that doesn’t equate to justifying many firms’ expensive charges. What we provide is a team of experts who have sharpened their skills working on some of the most significant cases in Australia.